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Twitter Founders Launch Medium, a Whole New Blogging Platform

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If you've tried your hand at running a fashion blog, you know that success relies as much on your great content as it does on your marketing abilities—and all too often the latter matters the most. So Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Ev Williams have created a new blogging platform called Medium to give you a break when it comes to the latter, and to make sure your great content gets props.

Medium acts as both publisher and curator. It organizes posts according to "collections," for example: "This Happend to Me," "Dates From Hell," "Look What I Made" and "I Wish I Would Have." Collections can also serve as jumping off points for post ideas when you're stuck. The site also uses an algorithm plus human curation to pick the posts that will appear on their front page. From The Verge:

The core idea is that regular people want to consume content published by other regular people. Medium automagically [sic] curates a stream of the posts that are most relevant to you — which means the authors of those posts are also reaching their ideal audience.

Early users are calling it pretty and easy, which belies Medium's focus on writing. Images figure prominently as well, but unlike Pinterest or Tumblr images aren't the main driver of traffic to your posts. The site also doesn't (so far) incorporate the likes and comments we all thrive on these days. What would a fashion blogger do without her "LOVE" and "OMG WANT!" comments and the confidence boost of 1,000 likes? If you care to find out, there are virtually no fashion or style categories on Medium currently—it's your chance to be a trailblazer! Register to get in line to become a beta user.
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