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The Hunt Finds Your Unrequited Pinterest Loves

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Have you ever encountered an image on Pinterest that gave you serious WANT pangs? And have you then obsessed over finding the item of your desires, only to come up with sourceless Tumblr pages and 404s? If yes, then you will appreciate a new startup called The Hunt. The San Francisco-based company has enlisted an army of you: users post images of items that have caught their eyes, and other shopping-savvy users hunt it down—simply for the sport of it.

Well, they also do it to collect "gems," which add up to win you stuff. When you submit an item that matches a hunt, other members reward you with a click (kind of like a "like") if they think it's a gem. Currently, The Hunt is running a New Year's Eve styling event where users with at least 10 gems (but chosen randomly) will get a New Year's outfit styled by one of The Hunt's celebrity stylists: Nikki Pennie, who has styled the likes of Kate Middleton and Hollywood elites; Christian Serratos of Twilight, who has her own jewelry line; and Yifat Oren who planned Anne Hathaway and Natalie Portman's weddings. Not too shabby!

But even if you're not lucky enough to get styled by one of them, you'll get outfit advice from other members of the community. The site is still in beta and isn't launching officially until January. But you can still get in on the fun now. Happy hunting!
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