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Thoughtful Stocking Stuffer of the Day: Sexy Time USB Flash Drive

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San Francisco-based erotic accoutrements seller Crave makes a USB flash drive that's a bit more fun than the average memory storage device. Their model, the Duet, holds 8GB ($219) or 16GB ($349) of storage and doubles as a vibrator. It's waterproof, made of safe materials, quiet, charges by USB, has multiple speeds, and when it's attached to your computer, no one would know it's also a sex toy. The Duet is available at Bay Area Good Vibration stores. It's been around for a little over a year, but it hasn't lost any of its luster in our eyes as a nifty, multi-tasking gift any women would appreciate finding in her Christmas stocking—though one better opened in a non-family setting.
· She'll Be Thankful for The Memory [New York Times]