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Gap Is Still on American Family Association's Boycott List

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The Gap and Old Navy are still, after three years, on the American Family Association's you-know-what list, because the Christian organization says the companies are "against Christmas." They surmise as much because the San Francisco-based clothing retailers don't use the word Christmas in their ads. Several retailers have made the naughty list, but only Gap and Old Navy have offended AFA enough to warrant a boycott recommendation in red all-capital letters. The companies—company, actually, they are both part of Gap Inc.—were removed at one point in 2009, but now they are back on.

The Gap indeed does not mention Christmas much these days, though the company recommends (as does Banana Republic, another Gap company) gift cards for "Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any special celebration." Old Navy, on the other hand says Christmas in several ads. Though we're not sure how the AFA might feel about Boyz 2 Men representing the three wise men. In any case, AFA's boycotts so far have not been associated with a hit on revenue.
· AFA Calls for Gap Boycott in War on War on Christmas [The New Civil Rights Movement]