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Get Yourself Some Action and Adventure at RGB Shop + Gallery's Art Opening Reception

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Images via LouLeo Illustration and Design and Studio4Art

RGB Shop + Gallery is launching a new show with two California illustrators and printmakers: Louise Leong and Carly Dooling. Together they're calling the show Action and Adventure, which we think is very clever. Leong's work evokes vintage cartoons and comics (Leong also makes games!) while Dooling is inspired by the emotional lives of women.

The show runs through January 26 only, so get on over to the store at 324 Fillmore Street, stat. The opening party is on Saturday January 19, from 6 to 9pm. While you're there you can shop the the store awesome 50% off sale. Don't forget to RSVP!
· RGB Shop + Gallery [Official Site]
· Louise Leong Art [Tumblr Site]

RGB Shop + Gallery

324 Fillmore Street, San Francsico, CA