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Was Sergey Brin's Subway Ride Wearing Google Glasses a Publicity Stunt?

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Image via @Noazark on Twitter

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So a guy who happens to be a "wearable technology enthusiast" walks into the New York City Subway and sits right across from Sergei Brin, inventor of the most-hyped wearable technology ever—"Google Glass" glasses. Crazy coincidence, or planned PR stunt? Since the hubub has died down since models wore the glasses down the DVF runway, perhaps it was a way to get the conversation going again?

Some have speculated the latter. But: 1. Though Brin is known for disliking traditional press, Google doesn't need to pull stunts, they hold a press conference and watch the stories come rolling in; 2. Not many other people would recognize Mr. Brin, with his yellow plastic bag and all-black outfit, especially in NYC; and 3. Few folks other than someone very familiar with Google Glass would notice the relatively nondescript, frameless glasses (which happen to cost $1,500).

The guy, Noah Zerkin, was probably the only dude on the subway that day who could have identified both Brin and the glasses, which allow the user an augmented-reality-ish experience by interfacing with the internet. He writes on his blog, where he describes the encounter, that he has a way of running into people: "At CES, my girlfriend and I, by total coincidence, ended up sharing a cab with the designer of Mindflex Duel, who left Mattel and is now at Hasbro. I know that doesn't quite compare, but I'm just saying that the universe seems to have a funny way of timing my random introductions."

Or, he was at the Consumer Electronics Show, so he ran into people like him. Yes CES is huge, but it creates a massive concentration of tech folks. Fashion people run into fashion people during Fashion Week. Scientists run into scientists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings. It happens!

Also, how awesome is it that a Google co-founder worth $18.7 billion (the 24th richest man in the world according to Forbes) rides the subway, seemingly without an entourage?
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