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Mapping the 25 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in San Francisco; the City's Most Opulent Rooms; the Luxurious Properties of the Bay Area's Historic Whales

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[Did this Silicon Valley megamansion really sell for a near-record $117.5M?]

WOODSIDE—A nine-acre estate in Woodside in Silicon Valley sold late last year for a whooping $177.5M, a price that would make it the second most expensive home ever sold in the United States.

ATHERTON—If $177.5M is a little out of your price range, won't you consider Villa Eirini in Atherton? The 6-bed, 9-bath, 12,00 square foot abode just landed on the market asking a totally reasonable $34,888,000.

BAY AREA AND BEYOND—If you thought the Silicon Valley folk were rolling in dough, check out these original Bay Area whales. From railroad tycoons to mining merchants, the historic money makers of yore dominated the west, and had the luxurious spreads to prove it.

SAN FRANCISCO—From Doug Engmann's 13,500 sq. ft. Pacific Heights abode to Halsey Minor's relic of mansion in Presidio Heights, we've updated our map of the 25 most expensive homes currently for sale in San Francisco.

MORE SAN FRANCISCO—Tech bazillionares are a dime a dozen in San Francisco, but do these new money folk know how to live like the tech superstar they are? We've got a guide on everything your household(s) need to look the part.

UPPER MARKET—400 Grove Street, Parcel H of the Central Freeway parcels, is set to no longer be a surface parking lot. A proposal is before the Planning Commission to construct a new 4- to 5-story mixed-use building with up to 34 residential units and ground floor retail.

EVERYWHERE—Let's explore some of the more dramatic downward dives on the Bay Area real estate scene. We're talking homes that hit the market hoping to sell at the city's highest prices, only to find fame instead for cutting millions--and millions--off the asking price.

EVERYWHERE EXTRA—We asked and Curbed SF readers answers: which homes currently for sale have the most whale-worthy rooms? Think views galore, marble everything, and bathrooms as big as your apartment.

EVEN MORE SAN FRANCISCO—Ever wonder what the 10 most expensive one-bedroom homes for sale are? We've got a map
with all the deets plus photos! The most expensive is a 1,642 square foot condo asking $4,495,000.

EVEN MORE GREATER BAY AREA—Back in the day mining millionaires collected mega mansions all over Northern California. From James Clair Flood to James Graham Fair, we've mapped out the details and locations of the estates they collected.