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Bay Area Soothsayers Predict 2013 Fashion and Shopping Trends

Photo of Temescal Alley via <a href="">The Werewolf Hotel</a>
Photo of Temescal Alley via The Werewolf Hotel

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Alas. It's the end of the last short week of the holiday season. Next week is the first full work week of 2013. To ease us all back into working groove, here's one last look at what our friends in the fashion industry have to say about local shopping and fashion. We've looked at the best and worst trends of 2012, and we asked our local luminaries to describe it all in one word. We also asked for their favorite newcomers in Bay Area retail, their favorite purchases of the year, which neighborhood won them over as the most-improved shopping haven, and their biggest surprises of 2012 (yes, we really put them to work!). Now, they share their predictions for 2013. Let us know if you agree in the comments.

Katie Hintz-Zambrano, Senior West Coast Editor at Refinery 29: I think the East Bay is just going to get bigger and better. What's happening over on Temescal Alley is really impressive, and there's some interesting stuff circulating around Piedmont Avenue. As more and more creative folks are priced out of the city and bringing their retail concepts with them, I can see it becoming a cool-kid shopping destination.

Sarah Sung, San Francisco Editor at Urban Daddy: It's going to get even more local, and hopefully people will make even more of a commitment to get things made in the USA, if not SF.

Adrienne Armstrong and Jamie Kidson, co-owners of Atomic Garden: We hope that the trend continues to support small & local business, which in turn supports artists and craftspeople.

Jessica Mullens, founder, Mullens Public Relations: Web-only brands going brick-and-mortar. Bonobos and Warby Parker are ones to watch, with more to follow.

Dr. Jordan Deschamps-Braly, plastic surgeon and menswear aficionado: In 2013, I predict that Charlene Court's jewelry will blow up. My Fiancé wears it and I love it. I also think that Gus Harput will keep cutting cool clothes in 2013.

Jeanne Chan of ShopSweetThings: I think it will only get stronger in SF. While we are getting a lot of the mainstream shops in the city, there are still those of us who want to look for something unique. I like to do a mix of both. I think the challenge for local stores is to offer something mainstream stores don't carry while staying price competitive and merchandising quality pieces that are on trend. I would like to see local shops market themselves more aggressively.

Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34: If you offer curated collections of artisanal pieces that tell a story you're going to do well.

Joanna Riedl, publicist: I'm hopeful that more stores will utilize technology, editorial styling and collaborations to connect with customers and build their brands in an innovative way. Seems like its heading in that direction, with many smaller stores taking cues from successful national brands. It's about creating a lifestyle that people want and then offering them the wares to fulfill it. It's something that Jenny Chung, owner of Acrimony in Hayes Valley and ACRE/SF in North Beach has done excellently.

Melissa Davis, founder of Ruby Press: I really love the trend of shops that are more than just that—like Haven's Kitchen in NYC where customers can grab a bite, shop or take a cooking class—or Castle in the Air in Berkeley that has a gallery space on the 2nd level and offers unique craft/art classes to its customers. I expecand hope!—we'll see more of that here in the Bay Area in the coming year.

Marilyn Cabak, philanthropist: I predict that there will be lots of bright colors coming in for spring. You can see some of it in the stores already and it looks great!!

Claudia Ross, founder of Cross Marketing: I predict people will invest more in statement jewelry pieces to dress up and diversify their looks.