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How to Know When All Your Favorite Stuff Is on Sale All the Time

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It's called Shop It To Me, and if you're a fashion addict as well as a bargain hunter, it's your new best friend. The SF-based Shop It To Me is a simple concept, but recent improvements to the site make it the most seamless way to find out when your favorite brands are marked down on the web.

It works like this: you create an account on Shop It To Me, then pick all your favorite brands and indicate the sizes you're interested in. As often as you'd like, the service will email you with stuff from those brands that's marked down, across pretty much every shopping platform you can think of: Bloomingdale's, Barneys, Bergdorf's, Bluefly, Anthropologie, even Amazon and smaller outlets like Intermix and Madewell. Or you can go to the site directly to find your sales. Shop It To Me also divides up merchandise according to price points, brand, clothing type, and size of the discount (for example, only show me items 50%-off or more). You can also star items to go back to later.

Like we said: super simple, but revolutionary for any hardcore online shopper.
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