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Virgin America: The Most Stylish Airline in the Sky

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Virgin America is based in the Bay Area, and since it's Travel Week across the Racked Network, we can't help but take the opportunity to brag about that a little bit. It's pretty undisputed that Virgin America is the coolest airline in the sky, with it's irreverent safety videos, mood lighting, leather seats and handsome-adventurer-founder Richard Branson. It also happens to be the most stylish way to fly, for a variety of reasons which we'll explore all week.

The most recent evidence is the company's new safety video, an experience that elsewhere is typically rather dull (save for the infamous Delta "no smoking" lady). Virgin made the most entertaining safety video ever with its first video, which was animated and featured now-beloved characters including a fallen pompadour, a charming bull fighter, his embarrassed bull, and a nerdy nun.

Now the airline has upped its game with a new video directed by Jon Chu and featuring a whole new cast of characters including world-class singers, choreographers and dancers (the nun makes a cameo). Virgin America creative director Jesse Mcmillin said it was time for a fresh take:

We knew how much our guests loved the fun and irreverence of our current video, but after six years we wanted to give them something unexpected - a fresh take on what a safety video could be and even a chance to be a part of it, literally.

The performers, who hail from shows including So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol as well as two former Olympians, are outfitted in Converse, Levi's, Wet Seal, Nine West, Tart, Robin's Jeans, Marchez Vous and Banana Republic—the stylish, pop-locking robotic men wear the brand's signature "Tailored Slim" suits.

We like to work with brands that have great design sensibilities, are creative and aren't afraid to try something new. Because the safety video was so much about visual story-telling and style, we wanted to partner with brands that would bring that same vision and aesthetic to the project.

BR (another a Bay Area brand!) also helped the airline design its latest flight attendant uniforms—more on that tomorrow!
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