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Huge Openings: TBD, Stones Throw, Local Mission Market, Plus a Chat with Burritoeater and More!

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Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater SF editor Allie Pape shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

SOMA—It's been a big week of openings, kicking off with TBD, the new camping-inspired spot from the AQ gang. Lanterns, s'mores, sherry, and beer are all here. Check out the interior and see the menus.

RUSSIAN HILL—Meet newbie Stones Throw, which hopes to be Russian Hill's answer to Frances or Nopa, with a killer wine and beer list to boot. Photos and menus await.

THE MISSION—Your grocery run changes forever in the Mission this week, as Local Mission Market, from the team behind Local: Mission Eatery, opens its doors with an all-locavore array of comestibles.

THE MISSION—The Burritoeater, a.k.a. Charles Hodgkins, is hanging up his reviewing hat after burrito #1,000 later this month. We talked to him about his favorite slabs and why no rice is no bueno.

BAY AREA—With seven big openings this month, how to keep track of the next cool new place to dine? Why, the Eater Heatmap, of course, freshly updated for November.

SOMA—Hip new cocktail spot Oddjob opens in SOMA tonight, with a Rube Goldberg machine that makes drinks, a conveyor-belt bar, and a bespoke drink lounge in the back. Check it out.

NOB HILL/LAUREL HEIGHTS—Other key openings this week: Ala Romana, from the owner of Allegro Romano and a former A16 chef, and Nico, a French brasserie whose chef has serious fine-dining chops.

THE MISSION—Say goodbye to 12-year-old Andalu: it's shutting down at the end of 2013, to be replaced by Chino, a Chinese dumpling spot from Brandon Jew and the Tacolicious crew.

THE EMBARCADERO—How is Fog City faring in its first month replacing the Fog City Diner? Before the official reviews arrive, the Early Word tells all.