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Poshmark's Maria Morales Shares Her Packing Survival Tips

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Photos by Aubrie Pick

One of Poshmark's secrets to such rapid success has been the Posh Party. The mobile clothing-resale app orchestrates some Posh Parties virtually, while others happen IRL. Poshmark representatives travel the country to meet with users (and potential users), serving them beverages and bites and showing them how to make the most of the app.

Maria Morales, Poshmark's marketing manager (and blogger at Kitties and Couture), has hosted Posh Parties from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, and that means she's become quite an experienced packer. We all know it's a challenge for anyone who loves fashion to fit everything into a carry-on bag—and that's exactly what Maria manages for all of her Poshmark travel. Maria invited us into her gorgeous home to let us in on how she does it. And yes, she wears those shoes to the airport!
What do you do at Poshmark?
"I'm head of marketing for Poshmark, the leading mobile marketplace for women's fashion. I manage Poshmark's branding and communication efforts, social media strategies, and all of our special events."

Can you tell us a little about Posh Parties, and how they meant a whole lot of travel for you?
"Posh Parties are daily in-app shopping parties that happen three times a day giving women the opportunity to gather, browse, and market specific items from their closets within different themes, such as 'Fall Trends' and 'Bold Accessories,' or around specific designers such as Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, or Chanel.

We take the excitement of a Posh Party a step further and throw real live events in different cities across the country where we invite our community, bloggers, and those with an interest in fashion to come together to not only meet the Poshmark team, but most importantly to meet one another and extend their mobile friendships to the real world. This year alone, we've thrown about 15 live events across the US."

What are some packing tips and tricks that you've learned to make sure you have all the pieces to a perfect outfit when you arrive at your destination?
"Packing for a trip has never been my strong suit, but choosing to always use my carry-on luggage means that I have to maximize every inch of space.

Tip: Check the local weather of the city you're traveling to before you begin planning out your outfits! This is a great way to figure out where to even start looking in your closet. And since I'm a gadget girl, I'm a fan of Yahoo!'s weather iPhone app because not only is it super detailed and accurate, but it also scrolls through gorgeous pictures taken at the city you're looking up.

Tip: Lay out each of your outfits on the floor, shoes and accessories included, before you pack them in the suitcase. This will get you to think through all of your planned events, giving you a chance to see what items you can find multiple uses for and what you can leave behind at home.

(Check the gallery for more tips!)

What about makeup? Anything that saves you either on the plane or once you reach your destination?
"My EOS sphere lip balm is my one and only go-to beauty product while on the plane. It's super compact and keeps my lips perfectly hydrated in the midst of the dry, recirculated air on planes. Once we land, I like swipe a colored gloss or light lipstick for a little pick-me-up.

Do you have any go-to travel products?
"The perfect over-the-shoulder tote bag that's big enough (and strong enough!) to fit all of my gadgets, their chargers, and a scarf or jacket was a life changer! I've been getting plenty of good use from the large 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target tote bag, which comfortably fits my laptop, iPad, and small notebook to ensure I'm able to get work done while in the air.
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