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Spot Check: The Isabel Marant Pickings Are Slim at the SF H&M

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Shoppers buzz about the remaining Isabel Marant for H&M items around 3 pm.
Shoppers buzz about the remaining Isabel Marant for H&M items around 3 pm.

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Like love, Isabel Marant for H&M was a battlefield this morning. As we discussed earlier, San Francisco's francophile-fashion-obsessed started lining up last night to get their mitts on Marant. Rabid shoppers even broke the Internet this morning. If you plan to pop by the Powell Street H&M location after work, be prepared for battered shelves and the carnage of the hottest fast fashion collab of the year.

Surprisingly, there is still merchandise, and the men's section has less than the women's section. (Perhaps due to the ladies raiding the men's stash this morning? Or the fact that the women's section was restocked?)

In ladies, you'll find a full range of sizes in both the black and white leather lace up pants, the mixed print jeans, the violet ruffle skirt, and the metallic silk print pants. Tops are rare, though there are still a few tanks, tees, and grey coats. Among accessories, there are still silk printed scarves, silver metal belts, and those fringy earrings. Sweaters, boots, and the show-stopping beaded jacket are long gone. (As if you even needed to ask.)

Over on the men's side, a stack of suede boots and the Navajo jeans remain, along with the gray and navy coats, and a paltry selection of t-shirts. There's still a decent selection of sweaters and sneakers in the kids' section, so at least the children in your life have a chance to look boho-chic.

If you can't bear the disappointment of walking out of H&M empty-handed, you may want to skip the store and head straight to eBay for your must-have Marant pieces.
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