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The SF Line for Isabel Marant x H&M Started at 7pm Last Night

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After months of anticipation, the Isabel Marent Pour H&M collection hits stores this morning. Our reporter Mallory Farrugia is live on the scene at the H&M on Powell Street.

7:47am: I'm at the Powell store and they say it doesn't open until 9:30. Six groups of wristbands have gone out so far. The time slot they're issuing now is 10:05-10:20.

7:49am: The line goes down Powell about half the block.

7:50am: Front of the line has been here since 7pm yesterday (guy on the right) and 9pm yesterday (two guys on left).

7:55am: Ok so it does show on the sign that the wristbands start getting in at 8:05, even though the staff told me that the store won't open til 9:30.

7:56am: Funny that the front of the line is men—they don't even need wristbands to shop! Unless they are buying from the women's collection? The first 10 or so people in line are all prob 17-20 years old.

7:58am: First group goes in in 2 minutes they just said. Even though they told me 9:30 earlier!

8:00am: They're letting more than 1 wristband in. Three wristband groups are going in.

8:01am: Four groups.

8:02am: They let in about 2/3 of the line at once. They cut it off after 4 or 5 groups. Going to try to get in now!

8:03am: Ok there's another line inside. They have let everyone inside but then no one can get into the barricaded-off women's section until their wristband is called.

8:06: The first group of shoppers are all buying 5-10+ items.

8:07am: Here's the men's section. Men's will not restock.

8:15am: All small sizes of men's are gone—the women cleaned out the men's selection!

8:20am: This is the fist person in line's loot. Most of it anyway.

8:27am: OK I'm out! --Maria Farrugia

Check back for more on what went fastest and what's left throughout the day!
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150 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA