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Indochino's Traveling Tailor Is in San Jose Until Sunday

Indochino returned to the Bay with a pop-up shop in San Jose, open from now until November 24
Indochino returned to the Bay with a pop-up shop in San Jose, open from now until November 24

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After a very successful SF pop-up in August, Indochino, the online retailer that specializes in bespoke menswear, returned to the Bay, setting up its Traveling Tailor shop in San Jose. As the discerning style eye for my husband Brendan, I swiftly booked him an appointment online for opening day (yesterday) and accompanied him to share in his customized experience. With more personalized details and measurements than any of my own clothing orders (save for, perhaps, my wedding dress), the Indochino model ensures a beautifully clad man at a very appealing price point.

Our efficient and adept fit specialist took 14 head-to-toe measurements. She said that the fittings have changed since the SF pop-up in an effort to integrate the Traveling Tailor and online experiences. Instead of using sample suits (the old way), Brendan's fit session focused completely on numbers (including the hilariously awkward u-crotch measurement).

Once the numbers were recorded and the fit profile complete, we moved on to choosing fabrics and cuts. There's a notable difference between the exclusives/premium fabrics and the essentials, but at $449 for an essential suit and $79 for a shirt, the price point steered us toward the entry level fabrics. We were told it's a smart move for a first order—to dial in the measurements before branching out to more daring cuts and customizations (like functional buttons on the jacket's sleeves). We were also reminded to take advantage of the fit assurance that reimburses up to $75 (or completely remakes the clothing at the Indochino factory) for final corrections with a local tailor.

We ordered a blue suit (peak lapel, contrasting button holes, inside pen pocket, silver-gray lining, monogram) and a gray shirt (button collar, monogram, light blue gingham inside the collar and the cuffs). Overall, Brendan enjoyed the Indochino Traveling Tailor process and gained insight into the details and the customizations for menswear. In his opinion, there's nothing to lose from going in for a fitting: at the very worst, if nothing's gained, the experience is just a time commitment. He also mentioned slight remorse for not wearing the best outfit for a fitting. (For the record, Indochino recommends t-shirt and fitted pants and shoes most likely to be worn with the suit.)

If you're hoping for a bespoke suit or shirt to wear at this year's Christmas dinner, now is the time to order. Indochino generally requests 4 weeks lead time and rush orders are difficult to accommodate. Plus, most of the special holiday fabrics are nearly sold out. So, gentlemen (and their gentleladies), time is of the essence. Book a fitting at the San Jose pop-up before it packs in and heads to another city on Sunday. (Tip: entrance to the pop-up is off of 2nd Street and not through the main doors on Santa Clara.)
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Indochino Pop-Up

75 E Santa Clara St #150, San Jose, CA 95113