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Explore Your Selfish Desire for Presents With Dance

Photo via RAWDance
Photo via RAWDance

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Are you trying to go with the whole 'tis better to give to receive theory? But are you actually 100% focused on the prezzies that will bear your name underneath the tree? Then you might be relieved to know: it's totally human. The desire to possess is so human, in fact, that local dance troupe RAWDance has created a show based on exactly that.

Ryan Smith and Wendy Rein, whom we profiled here, have choreographed a piece called Mine in an effort to uncover "where possession lives within the body." Grabby hands? Selfish heart? Gimme-focused brain? Find out by catching the show at 8pm on December 6 through 8 or December 11 through 15 at the Joe Goode Annex in San Francisco. Buy tickets online for $25, or you can buy them at the door (but keep in mind seating is limited).
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Joe Goode Annex

401 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA