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Google and Sephora Have Teamed Up for Live Makeup Tutorials

Photo via Sephora
Photo via Sephora

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You know those addictive makeup tutorials on YouTube? Don't you sometimes wish you could interject with a question like: what type of face powder its that? Or: who makes that hair brush? Or: could you please slow the heck down? Well, Google and Sephora have teamed up to make that possible. With a new service called Google Helpouts, you can call on a live makeup artist to teach you winged eyeliner, glittery party eye makeup, smokey eyes, and more. Some are free, others are between $15 and $35. (Helpouts also cover lots of other topics including art, education, and fitness.) Check them all out and you'll be party-ready for the rapidly-approaching holiday season in no time.
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