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The Simple, Genius Makeup Tool That Will Save You Money

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Nikki's Magic Wand, $9.95 or 2 for $15

The cosmetics industry is playing a cruel joke on all of us. You spend more than you'd like to admit on the perfect lipgloss/concealer/eye primer only to have it run out in less than two months. But here's the thing, it's not empty. You can see product inside the tube. Gloss is clinging to the sides, concealer is unreachable at the bottom of the tube, and three more weeks worth of primer are stuck at the opening of the container. You can see it, but you can't have it. The wand won't reach. Bummer.

I decided I wouldn't settle for getting less than I paid for. I began to disassemble makeup packaging. I would take pliers and pull out the tiny plastic inner tube in the opening of most glosses and concealers. Jackpot! Several more months worth of makeup—The wand could reach almost everything inside the tube, once the inner tube was removed!

I had declared myself a genius—until I ran into trouble. Turns out those plastic tubes have a purpose. I destroyed packaging, bits of plastic fell into my primer, I found puddles of Chanel Glossimer in my purse linings.

Enter Nikki's Magic Wand, a super-bendy, mega-long spatula that reaches every last bit of makeup in foundation bottles, lip glosses, concealers, skincare, hair products—the possibilities are endless. Gone are my days of gloss covered pliers! And I will be getting every last drop of that NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base. Take that cosmetics companies.
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