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5 SF Spots Where You Can Sweat Like a Victoria's Secret Angel

<strong>Candice Swanepoel</strong> knows a thing or two about sweating like an Angel. Image via <strong>Victoria's Secret</strong>.
Candice Swanepoel knows a thing or two about sweating like an Angel. Image via Victoria's Secret.

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As the Victoria's Secret Angels strutted their stuff down the runway for the brand's annual "fashion" show last night, women around the world inevitably compared their own bodies to the genetically-blessed glamazons who get paid to look good in underwear.

In reality, most of the Angels work pretty damn hard for those perfect bodies. For every photo of Cara Delevigne scarfing bacon backstage, there are five more of models like Alessandra Ambrosio sweating it out at the gym before stripping down to skivvies. Want to try some Angel-approved routines? You have plenty of options in the Bay Area.

1. Ballet

Karlie Kloss credits her long, lean physique to years of ballet. While you may never be 6'1", you can easily find a barre class in San Francisco to help build your own beautiful body. If you're looking for a Lotte Berk barre exercise method, (you know, the style that everyone swears by), try Bar Method, Avant-Barre, or Dailey Method. For more dance movement emphasis, there's Los Angeles favorite (and SF-newcomer) CardioBarre. And if you're ready to go full Center Stage, try an actual ballet class at ODC in the Mission or the Alonzo King LINES Dance Center near Mid-Market.

2. Boxing

You're not the Million Dollar Baby—and you have no intention of ever stepping into the ring—but Angels including Adriana Lima swear by boxing, so there must be something to it, right? For a range of boxing classes in a centrally-located gym, consider StudioMix in the Tenderloin. The gym offers one-on-one coaching, cardio combat, kickboxing, pro-boxing, sweat boxing, and workshops.

3. Pilates

Behind every hot celebrity body—from Miley Cyrus to Sandra Bullock—is a hot Pilates routine, and the Angels aren't immune to the fitness craze. Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge told Shape that Pilates "changes the way my body feels" and "after I finish, it's like I've had a massage." Like a massage? Now there's an attention-grabbing endorsement. Bay Area devotees swear by Pilates classes at Marina favorite BodyRok, Cow Hollow's Pilates Proworks, Pac Heights' Webster Street Studio and Core Pilates on 17th in the Mission.

4. TRX

The TRX Suspension Training system is compact, it's portable, and (as Alessandra Ambrosio has demonstrated repeatedly on Instagram), it looks good in a selfie. There are plenty of Bay Area gyms that offer group TRX classes, but why not go straight to the source for your workout? The TRX Training Center in Russian Hill will get you ripped and ready for life with classes that combine both cardio and strength training.

5. SoulCycle

Before Candice Swanepoel ever slipped into this year's $10 million fantasy bra, she tapped it back at SoulCycle. The Angels not only partake in the popular indoor cycling classes; they occasionally lend some glamour to charity rides, too. Though you may not be able to ride on the exact bike once graced by an Angel in one of the Bay Area's three new SoulCycle locations, you can enjoy the same calorie-burning sweat fest.
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