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This Is Not What the SF Saint Laurent Men's Store Looks Like

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After weeks of waiting with bated breath, we finally have photographs of the San Francisco Saint Laurent all-men's store that opened in Union Square in late October. We were not allowed to take our own photos, and at the time of the opening, the company sent along but one image of the inside of the dressing room, which is covered in wall-to-wall mirrors.

Now that we finally have the official photos, you should know one thing: this is not actually what it looks like in there. Because the store actually has a fair number of clothes, shoes and bags perched on its shelves and hanging from its racks (which you can see in these photos if you squint). There's also a cash register and you might see some people. We hope you won't be disappointed. But there are that many mirrors and there is that much marble. It's quite stunning, really, with or without the merchandise.

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