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These Beautiful Bottles Were Destined for the Trash

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Photo via Reclamation Etchworks

We've all been there: can't bear to pitch that pretty, empty liquor bottle into the recycle bin. Weeks later, it's languishing on the window sill, plus an inch of dust and minus most of its pretty. The clever duo behind Reclamation Etchworks encountered the same conundrum and managed to solve it: Ethan Terry and Timothy Daw transform salvaged bottles into Art Nouveau–inspired decanters using lasers and digital templates.

Terry is the bar manager at Alembic while Daw is an industrial designer and server at The Slanted Door. Together they founded Reclamation Etchworks a year ago, and have been creating beautiful carafes like those above ever since. It's the perfect holiday gift for the mixologist in your life.
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