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Update: Aesop Hopes to Edge Into the Valencia Corridor

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Aesop's Fillmore store, which opened about a year ago
Aesop's Fillmore store, which opened about a year ago

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Australian skincare brand Aesop and local messenger bag maker Chrome have teamed up for what some might call a sneaky deal to jointly has signed a lease to open up shop at 956 Valencia at the former location of The Touch home goods store. The store would make Aesop's 12th outpost, a number that violates the formula retail regulation that prohibits retail chains with 11 or more stores in the U.S. from opening up in some SF neighborhoods, including this part of the Mission.

In October, the merchants association in that neighborhood made Jack Spade cry uncle in October because they saw the brand as formula retail, so Aesop may have a struggle on its hands. Stay tuned.
Correction: a previous version of this post stated that Aesop had signed the lease with local messenger bag-maker Chrome. Aesop has not teamed up with Chrome, but has signed the lease on its own.
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956 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA