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You Don't Have to Be a Rap Fiend to Love Floss Gloss Polish

Photo via Floss Gloss
Photo via Floss Gloss

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The founders of nail polish brand Floss Gloss, Janine and Aretha, met as neighbors in the Mission when they were college kids who loved to watch America's Next Top Model while painting their nails. When Aretha mixed a custom color that had nail enthusiasts banging down her door, they knew they were onto something. Now, just a few years later, they're the Floss Gloss bosses, and you can find their polish in Urban Outfitters, in Birchbox boxes, and at more than 50 other stores across the country.

Check out the 7x7 interview to learn how an after-class obsession became a booming business for these Fine Art majors who seem well on their way to becoming the next Essie Weingartens—the twenty-something, rap-loving, bad-girl versions.
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