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We're Live on the Scene at the Prabal Gurung x Target Launch

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After months of anticipation, the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration officially hits stores today at 8am. Follow along below for Kristen Philipkoski's live, up-to-the-minute reports from City Target in the Metreon.

7:47am: I'm here! There's a tiny line. Literally ten people.

7:48am: And a few look like they're not necessarily here for the launch.

7:49am: Three more people just showed up.

7:52am: Two fashiony women wearing shorts with tights just walked right by, looked at the line curiously...and left.

7:55am: And now a guy talking to himself/anyone who will listen is harassing the line. He's talking about picking tomatoes and taking the bus to Wisconsin.

7:57am: We're up to 20 in line, including the chatty guy. Who just tried to rush the doors. Which are locked.

8:00am: And we're in!

8:01am: The chatty guy is bolting up the escalator.

8:02am: There he goes!

8:03am: These ladies have the place to themselves. They're grabbing giant armfuls, but it's civilized.

8:10am: They all seem to have floral dresses under their arms.

8:12am: The women hovering around the shoes are saying they don't see all the designs from the look book. "I don't see the black heels. Are there more shoes somewhere else?"

8:15am: And the shopping area is now empty. Everyone went to try stuff on.

8:17am: Worth noting: There's no jewelry here. It's only at select stores.

8:20am: Here's the line at the fitting room.

8:22am: I'm going to go investigate further (OK, shop.) Stay tuned for a follow-up report, coming soon.