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Bay Area Dominates Fast Company's Top 50 Innovative Companies, 13 Are Fashion Startups

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Fast Company has declared its top 50 innovative companies for 2013. The Bay Area is home to many of them, including Apple and Google, which is no surprise. What's perhaps less expected is that 13 of the companies are fashion startups (and none of them is called Net-a-Porter).

We're excited that several of them are both fashion startups and located in the Bay Area—even if several of them share the #19 ranking. The Bay Area #19s include Modcloth (online clothing retailer), Snapette (Instagram for shoes and accessories app) and Birchbox (a membership service that sends you new jewelry every month).

Uber, which is good for getting you to and from shopping outings, is #6. Pinterest is #8, Square, which can help you pay for you fashion addiction, is #3, and Google is #11 followed by AirBNB and Apple. Do you agree with Fast Company's picks? Is your fave fashion app missing? Let us know in the comments.
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