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Details Nails the Shopping Scene in San Francisco

Image of Voyager via <a href="">Details</a>
Image of Voyager via Details

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When outsiders take a crack at summing up your hometown, they tend to miss the subtleties that make your city unique and great. Or they miss something that seems really obvious. Or they treat something as news that you knew about a year ago. But we were happy to see that is not at all the case with Details' feature on San Francisco shopping in their March issue.

They pretty much nail what's happening in the Mission at the moment: "The Bay Area's coolest destination is trading in its signature scruffiness for a more refined, adult appeal." The Mission and 16th BART station may never change, but visitors these days are more likely driving in from Pacific Heights or the 'burbs to shop at Voyager, Self Edge, Gravel & Gold and the rest of the man-friendly destinations on Details' list.

Plus, they call out the Sunset for being up and coming, which it totally is. They mention General Store and Mollusk Surf Shop, which are both on our Racked 38 list of not-to-miss SF shopping experiences, and they also include Woodshop, which we are now eyeing for next quarter's issue of the 38!
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Gravel & Gold

3266 21st Street, San Francisco, CA