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Fashion's Night Out: Canceled! Are We Happy, Sad, Indifferent?

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Photo via Jika Gonzalez

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You guys, Fashion's Night Out is totally canceled. Bummer, right? Actually, folks in New York are psyched. No more randoms jumping on cars and downing forties a la New Year's Eve all over Manhattan in early September. But how do San Franciscans feel?

For other cities like our own, FNO was a way to get a taste of New York fashion week without sitting on a plane with spotty WiFi for six hours. Stores stayed open late, they served us champagne and cupcakes and had great giveaways! So, are we kind of sad?

And then again, FNO meant extra work for shop owners. If they didn't throw a party or do something special (using already stretched resources), they looked a bit curmudgeonly. So, are we relieved?

We want to hear what you think! Whether you're a store owner, a personal style blogger, or just an avid shopper, what are your deep thoughts on the loss of FNO? Are you booking an extra therapy session, or popping some bubbly to celebrate not having to do so for swarms of shoppers in September? Choose the option that best describes you feelings below, and feel free to opine more in the comments!

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