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Uniqlo Really Does Love SF: They're Bringing You Joe Montana! Plus Noodle-Pulling at Bloomingdale's and Tons More Shopping Events This Weekend and Beyond

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Image via Uniqlo

UNION SQUARE—After Hello Kitty makes her appearance this weekend, and football legend Joe Montana will take his turn at charming Uniqlo customers on Tuesday from 4 to 6pm. He will take photographs with the first 150 people in line, what a sport!

You'll also have an opportunity to spin the "gara gara," a Japanese-style lottery prize wheel, for the chance to win an autographed football, catch an in-store pass from Mr. Montana, or receive an autographed postcard. Montana was also a "cast member" for the SF store's opening, and he attended the opening party. Japanese retailers and football, they go together like peas and carrots. [RackedWire]

RICHMOND— On Saturday from 11am to 5pm, retail neighbors Seedstore, Covet, and Rare Device is hosting a Valentine's trunk show on Saturday, February 9, featuring locally made jewelry, apparel, prints and baked goods from Karrie Bakes, Zelma Rose, Emily McDowell, and Jen Hewett. It's happening at 600 Divisadero Street from 12 to 6pm. [RackedWire]

UNION SQUARE— The year of the snake is about to begin! Bloomingdale's is celebrating with a pop-up shop featuring Chinese (and Chines-inspired) designs through February 18. And on Sunday February 10 between 2 and 4pm, Martin Yan of M.Y. China will be there to demonstrate noodle pulling, and get this:

As part of this demonstration, one of the restaurant's specialties, lo mein, will be hand-pulled by M.Y. China's award winning Executive Chef Tony Wu, who is able to take a 5 lb ball of dough and pull it into 16,384 noodles in 2 minutes.
What? Also, be sure to pick up a red envelope by Sunday January 10; they're filled with "bMoney" cards in denominations of $8, $88, and $888 (8 is the culture's lucky number). It's all happening on level 1. [RackedWire]

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