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Talking Men's Fashion at Neiman's; Fancy Swim Trunks at JCrew

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WALNUT CREEK—Matthew Singer is the men's fashion director for Neiman Marcus stores country-wide, and he's coming to Walnut Creek tomorrow, Thursday March 21, from 1 to 3pm to talk spring fashion. For men this season he's liking color, prints, shorts, sporty outerwear, summer suits and soft laofers. [Racked Inbox]

UNION SQUARE—SF's JCrew in the Westfield Center is one of just a few locations in the U.S. that carrying men's swim trunks by SoCal designer Apolis as part of the retailer's "In Good Company" program. The trunks are made in a factory that's been making swimwear for lifeguards and other water-loving folk since the 1960s. They retail for $98. [Racked Inbox]


845 Market Street, San Francisco, CA