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The Largest Midcentury Dealer in NorCal Opens in the Mission

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Photos via Mid Century Mobler

The largest midcentury modern furniture supplier in Northern California is now open, and it's in our very own Mission District at 1220 Shotwell. Mid Century Mobler is a sprawling 5000 square feet of showroom space specializing in Danish modern and American midcentury furniture from the 1950s and 1960s.

Owner Julian Goldklang is satisfying a lifelong obsession with '50s and '60s design with the new retail space. At 16, he bought a 1958 Pontiac Starchief that he spent the next two years restoring. He did the same with a 1951 Buick Special in college, and all the while scoured weekend estate sales, launching a midcentury side business.

Mid Century Mobler first began out of a one car garage on Beaver Street in the Castro three years ago, where Goldklang sold to local customers. Before he knew it business was booming. He began traveling to England and Denmark, shipping back containers of his midcentury modern finds, storing everything on Potrero Hill, and moving sales to online customers. But the storage dance was tricky, so after searching for eight months found the warehouse space in the Mission, which has been open for about two weeks.

He has a fresh new shipment from Denmark with about 400 pieces not yet listed on the store's website, so now would be an excellent time to check it out. Stop by on Saturdays from 10am to 6pm or Sundays from 11am to 4pm, or make an appointment by calling 415-497-6626.