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Procrastinators, Rejoice! Same-Day Delivery Is Coming to SF

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Same-day delivery is the norm in the United Kingdom, and British startup Shutl is bringing that luxury to the U.S. Lucky for San Franciscans, we're one of the first cities where the company will enable you to buy a dress online for an event tonight.

The catch is that you have to live within 10 miles of the retailer. Lucky again for San Franciscans, we have plenty of amazing retailers to choose from. But the other catch is that Shutl has to have a deal with them: The company will partner with retailers and courier services to make the fast deliveries happen, but we don't know yet who those retailers will be. Stay tuned!

The other big question is, how much will it cost? Net-a-Porter does it in New York for $25. Google recently announced that they'll be testing same-day shipping in San Francisco with their nascent Google Shopping Express service. Walmart is doing it, and Amazon has been dabbling in it since 2009. The U.S. Postal Service and FedEx are even experimenting with it in some areas. So there is tough competition, and the price has to be right.

Wired reports Shutl will typically charge less than $10. How much would you pay? Take the poll over at Racked National!

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