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First Round of Voting: the Haight vs. the Mission

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Style Showdown, our quest to determine San Francisco's most stylish neighborhood.

For our second first-round team up, we're pitting the Mission against the Haight. Both have an alternative vibe, one a little bit hippie, one a little bit hipster.

The Haight has been a shopping destination for decades, as much for its head shops as for its amazing vintage shopping at the likes of Wasteland and Held Over. You'll never be bored walking down Haight Street, it has some of the best people watching in the whole world.

The Mission, on the other hand, is more recently a shopping destination for the stylish, but it has become one of the best neighborhoods in the city to do so. With Mira Mira, Gravel & Gold, Gypsy Honeymoon, Belljar, and so much more, the folks traipsing down Valencia are a fashionable bunch indeed.

Which neighborhood is the most stylish, the Mission or the Haight? You decide! It's all up to you, our readers. Vote in our poll below for the most stylish neighborhood. And stay tuned, tomorrow we pit more neighborhoods against each other!

Poll results

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