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A Super Simple At-Home Tan For $2.50

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Today's pick comes from Racked NY associate editor Nicola Fumo.

Tan Towel 10 pack, $24.50 at Blue Mercury

I have to admit that between the name of the product and stigma of self tanner, I never would have picked up Tan Towel on my own. That's why you have to praise the beauty-sample-with-purchase Gods and trust that they are trying to do your pale ass a favor.

These little white towelettes unfold to a generous size—bigger than your hand, smaller than a sheet of paper towel—that you then, well, rub all over your sun-less skin. It smells citrus-y, it's easy to manage, it doesn't leave streaks, and each application costs $2.50. One or two a week and you maintain a hue that's natural to your complexion without any form of lotion, spray, or baking required.
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