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Burger Week: Bauer, Sliders, Poutine, Burger Heatmap, More!

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Chris Kronner holding a Kronnerburger. [Photo: Facebook]

SAN FRANCISCO—It was Burger Week all week on Eater SF, and we brought you intel on burgers of every conceivable type. First up: our Burger Heatmap, with 15 of the city's hottest new burgers introduced in the past year.

SAN FRANCISCOChronicle food critic Michael Bauer gave us something of a state of the union address on his Wimpy Wednesday burger column, which he shut down this week. What's his favorite SF burger and which have been less than stellar? Read on for the details.

SAN FRANCISCO—A burger isn't complete without fries, and we've got a map of 15 places in SF where you can sample the latest trend in fry technology: poutine.

EXCELSIOR—Joe Obegi of Joe's Cable Car has owned his iconic old-school burger restaurant since 1968. He sat down with us to talk about what makes a great burger, and why ketchup and well-done patties are no-nos in his book.

SAN FRANCISCO—Wes Rowe, the SF burger correspondent for A Hamburger Today, met us over burgers to discuss his favorite hidden spots in the Bay Area and why analyzing burgers is a tougher job than it seems.

SAN FRANCISCO—Where can the 12 most unusual sliders in SF be found? Our map has them all, from venison to shrimp to lamb.

BAY AREA—Burgers by the numbers: the gang at Super Duper Burgers rounded up the stats on how much meat, buns, and more they go through each week, while SliderBar ranked their 16 sliders in order of customer popularity.

SAN FRANCISCO—If all this burger talk has you hungry, get yourself to one of the three restaurants offering special Burger Week burgers: Super Duper Burgers, Local: Mission Eatery, and 25 Lusk.

EMBARCADERO—And finally, in non-burger news, we took a look around Loretta Keller's pair of restaurants in the brand-new Exploratorium, Seaglass and The Seismic Joint. They're seafood-centric, thank God.