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Six Summer Shoes Mother Nature (and You) Will Love

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Whether you're looking for a shoe for a surf weekend getaway or to accompany the perfect wedding outfit, your footwear doesn't have to be an eco-enemy. The Bay Area has tons of stylish options for vegan, vegetarian, sustainable, and ethically-made shoes.

Check out the gallery above for some local brands, like Martha Davis, that you may already be familiar with. Then there's Anyi Lu, whose designs are made in Marin and sold at Neiman's, and Rachel Sees Snails footwear, which is incredibly inexpensive for being handmade in Bolinas. Find her designs at Gravel & Gold and Mollusk Surf Shop. Click through to shop all of our stylish eco options. They look so good that no one will ever know you're embracing your inner hippie.
--by Sara Iravani
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