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Google's Glass Presentation at SXSW: No Apparent Warby Parker Influence Yet

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Despite rumors that Google recruited Warby Parker to help design Glass, the company's technology-enabled, interactive, internet-connected glasses, the frames still look like part of a Tron costume.

Google shared its SXSW presentation by "senior developer advocate" Timothy Jordan, who demonstrated for a large audience (presumably many API developers and few fashion designers), how Glass works, and how developers can create applications that would work with the glasses. Granted, Jordan said "We're not done." So there's still time for Warby Parker or another designer to step in and make them pretty.

Judging by the fetching hat Jordan wore for his presentation and in his stylized Google Plus profile photo, combined with the fact that Glass debuted on Diane von Furstenberg's runway, Glass developers are not uninterested in aesthetics. There maybe be still be hope for the frame design! Check out the video below.

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