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What to Wear to this Weekend's Wine Festival Doubleheader

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San Francisco has a uniform. During the 330 days each year when we enjoy brisk, foggy weather, locals can be spotted in some version of jeans, boots, and a J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket. (Shirts beneath said jackets are inconsequential since no one ever sees them.) For the remaining 35 days—when the mercury rises and the sun peaks through the clouds—we get to pull out our brightly-colored finery.

Luckily, this weekend's Bay Area bacchanalias—the Tiburon Wine Festival and the Uncorked! Wine Festival in Ghirardelli Square—fall on a what is forecast to be a sunny Saturday. But with any outdoor event in San Francisco, you can never count on warmth. So what should you wear to revel in the sun (but not freeze if the fog rolls in) and drink gobs of wine this weekend?

1. Printed maxi dress. When you're walking among the wine-tasting masses, it's best to wear something that won't show red-wine spills. San Francisco's Weston Wear has some great options, and Anthropologie practically guarantees success. Best of all, you can layer leggings under a maxi if it gets chilly.

2. Motorcycle jacket. Regardless of the favorable forecast, we're still in San Francisco. You need a jacket. Whether you stick with basic black, or go for a spring-hued pastel—Ambiance has plenty of options—a motorcycle jacket adds a model-off-duty element to your ensemble. Pro-tip: Find a style with pockets so you can throw in hand warmers in case of an unexpected chill.

3. Sandals. Flats or wedges: just be sure they're comfortable since you'll be on your feet all day. For sandal-shopping tips, check out our Racked roundup of San Francisco's 10 best shoe stores.

4. Straw hat. Sun damage is never in style. Protect your face from premature aging with a hat. Whatever your preferred style of topper—floppy or fedora—you can find it at one of the Bay Area's four Goorin Brothers hat shops.

5. Giant tote. You'll need a place to store your jacket when you head over to Tiburon. This leather option from Banana Republic is lightweight, and you can even have your initials embossed on it at the Grant Avenue flagship for $10. It's an easy way to avoid mix-ups in case you set your bag down.

6. Patterned pants. Whether you're a denim devotee or a skinny slacks kind of girl, pants are the warmer weekend option. Again, you'll want to find a pair that won't show food or wine stains if a careless festival-goer crashes into you. Gap has some terrific prints right now.

7. Spring top. Top your fabulous pants with a brightly-colored sweater or silk top. Heidi Says in Pac Heights has plenty of options. If you're worried about getting cold, just throw your field jacket in your tote.