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The Tee You'll Love So Much You'll Dry Clean It

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Enza Costa rib panel long-sleeve tee, $123.

Some people have too many shoes, others stockpile bags and still others accumulate jewelry. I, boringly enough, have an affinity for gray tees. I have a sizable collection, from crew to scoop necks, and maintain that each serves a unique purpose. Favorites include Vince, James Perse and this Enza Costa number, which is more of a "dressy" tee than a wear-it-to-the-gym tee, if you will.

All Enza Costa tops have that rich-person-casual look I'm always trying to emulate—the types of items I'd imagine Jennifer Aniston or Gwyneth Paltrow would wear while doing yoga or weeding her organic garden, respectively, and that I in turn prize and maintain like a mink. I dry clean this top and thus am very careful while wearing it to extend the time between cleanings. It was $123! But it's pretty perfect. It's got a mulletish hem that allows you to do the half-tuck thing easily, it's super-flattering and drapes just so, and it looks great with both jeans and nicer items like skirts (or leather pants if you're that cool).
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