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Spotted: Google Glass on Bay Area Craigslist

Images via <a href="">Craigslist</a>
Images via Craigslist

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It's starting. As Google Glass is released into the hands of paid testers ($1,500 to test is the going rate), the appearance of the gadget onto the "black market" is inevitable. And in the Bay Area, what's the best way to sell a highly coveted tech item a couple thousands more than retail price? Why, Craigslist, of course!

This past Sunday, one brave San Franciscan listed the Explorer Edition of Google Glass, violating Glass's terms of sale, which explicitly prohibits resale of the device. No saying whether this Glass is the real deal or stolen or already blocked by Google. It's a high risk to take for $6,500. Not to mention the character you'll meet on the other side: As the ad states, "pick up only."
--by Esther Hahn
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