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Proposed Union Square Apple Facing Architectural Resistance

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Photo via Apple Insider

Designers planning Apple's new, Union Square flagship are feeling some heat—and not only from the 80-foot-tall glass wall that would face due South, absorbing sunlight all day long, adding to the already heat-producing electronics and moving bodies (400 Apple employees alone).

The interior temperature is the least of Apple's worries at the moment: the conspicuous absence in the current architectural plans of a popular bronze statue is inciting anger and criticism from locals. Built in 1973 by local artist Ruth Asawa, the statue is a historic reminder of SF civic icons and personalities for the Stockton Street retail corridor of Union Square. Plans have yet to be finalized so no telling whether the statue will stay or go. But Apple will certainly feel even more heat if the statue goes—and not just from that glass wall.Esther Hahn
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