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SF Is Fashion-Crazed + the 4th Most Expensive City; a Chat With Lubov Azria and More

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SAN FRANCISCO—Believe it or not, SF may be the most fashion-crazed city in the United States.

MARINA—We sat down with Lubov Azria for a chat about marriage, fashion juggling a million projects and once and, of course, BCBG, the company that she and her husband Max have run together for 20+ years.

SAN FRANCISCO—According to the Cost of Living Index, San Francisco is the 4th most expensive city in the United States, and the luxury brands are taking note.

EVERYWHERE—Our intern and resident surfer shares her picks for keeping your hair healthy even in the salt and sun.

EVERYWHERE—In our Editor's Picks this week, we've got a $4 acne facial, the coolest tech cases, a foundation for BB cream defectors, and the best summer travel hat.

SILICON VALLEY—Walmart may not be as cool as Target, but they're way ahead of them in the tech game. @Walmartlabs just bought two Silicon Valley startups to up its online retail game.

MID-MARKET—Real estate planners working on the big Mid-Market retail location, Market Street Place, are "talking with" Topshop. The good news is we might be getting a Topshop! The bad news is we might have to wait until 2015.

BAY AREA—Google has expanded its testing program for same-day delivery beyond city limits to the rest of the Bay Area. You can now get American Eagle khakis STAT.

MISSION—Project Runway's Melissa Fleiss recently showed her latest designs in a runway show at NWBLK, and she's now taking orders for bespoke leather jackets.