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8 Getaway Cars Sure to Give Guests the Best Photo Opp Ever

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It seems appropriate for the final post of Weddings Week to be about getaway cars, doesn't it? Gone is the trend of prom-like limos (perhaps a blessing in light of recent safety issues). Instead, newlyweds are bidding farewell to their reception in out-of-the-ordinary modes of transportation. So let go of those old conceptions of a post-party ride and kiss wedding planning goodbye in style.

Traditionally, the getaway car comes out to play at the end of the reception, as the newly minted man and wife run off to their long-awaited honeymoon. And we love seeing those beautiful, tearful (happy tears) goodbyes—even moreso if sparklers are involved. But why wait until the bitter end—ride one of these beauties from ceremony to reception as well. By land or by sea, check the gallery for a getaway car that suits you and your honey's sensibilities.Esther Hahn