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SF Is One of Eight Cities Where You Can Get a Proper Suit

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Image via <a href="">Proper Suit</a>
Image via Proper Suit

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If ever there was a city meant to discover the sweet spot at the intersection of technology and fashion, it was San Francisco. (Is there a problem that Bay Area coders can't solve with Red Bull and the promise of bragging rights?) So you might be surprised to learn that Chicago-based Proper Suit received a rave review this week —from Wired, no less— for using technology to bring "affordable" bespoke tailoring to the metropolitan masses.

Yes, SF just got pwned by Chicago, but at least there's a sartorial silver lining for Bay Area men: San Francisco is one of eight lucky cities privy to Proper Suit's services.

The first step toward getting an almost-bespoke Proper Suit is to drop $150 on a "reservation deposit." Proper Suit will then get in touch to schedule your hour-long, one-on-one appointment with an "expert fit specialist." The specialist —let's just dispense with formality and call him a tailor— will have you try on samples, and note any modifications to Proper Suit's standard pattern sizes.

Next up: The fun part! You get to choose your fabric, lining, buttons, stitching, and other flair. (Wired notes that the tailor can help you avoid making unintentionally garish mistakes.) The tailor sends all of your information through the Proper Suit system to China, and you get a suit about one month later. At $1,000 per suit, (up to $2,000 for certain designer fabrics, like the Loro Piana and Zegna options), it isn't exactly cheap, but you're getting a custom ensemble for about the same price you might pay for a pret-a-porter Brooks Brothers suit.

Okay, Chicago. You win this round, but it doesn't give you license to get up in our technology grill. Consider this fair warning: All bets are off if you try entering the hoodie market. After all, some things are sacred.
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