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Sean Parker and New Wife Spat Upon, Canceled Honeymoon

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Last week (Weddings Week!), we told you about the lavish wedding of Sean Parker and his wife Alexandra Lenas in Big Sur's Ventana Wilderness. We described how the California Coastal Commission was not pleased with the extravaganza of fake walk bridges, a pretend waterfall and more.

Now, The Guardian reports that the commission is actually quite pleased with Parker, because he stepped up and paid $1 million to the commission for not having the necessary permits, and $1.5 million more to rebuild the campground—which was in bad shape to begin with—for underprivileged children. The commission has no ability to fine someone, so a settlement like the one it struck with Parker is their only recourse.

Nevertheless, due to press reports that described the wedding as costing $10 million (Parker says it was way cheaper, around $5 million), and chastising the couple for effing up the forest, they're suffering quite a backlash, including being spat upon by strangers in public. The newlyweds canceled their honeymoon to manage the bad PR. Also, Alexandra Lenas looks fetching with bangs and red hair.
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