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Forget the Environment, Lord of the Rings' Costume Designer Made Sean Parker, Bride's Wedding Garb

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Sean Parker wrote a 9,500 word response to critics of his wedding, and yesterday TechCrunch published it. We had the patience to read (most of) it, and to be honest we're good with Parker and his new wife Alexandra Lenas and their treatment of the environment. They seem like they were trying to do the right thing while putting on a lavish fairy wedding for 360 people in the forest.

The most interesting part of the screed to us (the journalism commentary is a close second) is the following:

It was also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to force 364 otherwise self-respecting adults to dress up in elaborate fantasy-inspired costumes, a feat of mischief that we were delighted to attempt. The Academy Award winning costume designer (for "Lord of the Rings"), Ngila Dickson, was our co-conspirator, and her brilliant designs exceeded even our wildest dreams.

We have several questions. Did Dickson provide costumes for the guests as well as the bride and groom? Is this why Parker's jacket was so long? Exactly how many yards of tulle were used? Did Dickson install some type of LED lighting apparatus in the bride's veil (see above)? How does one commission the Lord of the Rings costume designer for wedding garb? Presumably, being a billionaire helps. Stand by, we have an email including these questions and more submitted to Parker.
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