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New Legislation Would Keep More Chain Stores Out of SF

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Despite our poll that came out in favor of Gant Rugger moving into Hayes Valley, the store is not welcomed with open arms by all its neighbors. Before the preppy shop even opened, someone posted "Not Wanted" signs in the window. And now, a San Francisco supervisor has introduced new legislation inspired by Gant's Hayes Valley location.

The current rules say "formula retail" is now allowed, meaning a chain store with 11 or more locations in the United States. But Supervisor London Breed introduced new legislation on May 21 that would limit that number, for Hayes Valley specifically, to 11 stores worldwide. Also, if a formula retail business owns 50% or more of the brand, the store would not be allowed under the introduces legislation. An Examiner story suggests the legislation could reach beyond just Hayes Valley.

Now the legislation is waiting for a vote by the Board of Supervisors, we'll keep you updated.
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Gant Rugger

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