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Cuyana Builds Brand Around the Less is More Approach

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Photo via Cuyana
Photo via Cuyana

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The notion of buying less would normally send retailers into a tizzy. But not Cuyana, an SF start-up that is the antithesis of fast fashion, selling high-quality clothing and accessories at reasonable prices in the hopes that buyers only buy what they need for highly efficient (and long lasting) wardrobes.

Hot off the heels of Vivienne Westwood's proclamation that we should buy less, choose well, and make our clothing last, Cuyana offers customers $10 credits for sending unwanted, old clothing back to the e-tailer (which is then donated). And we can see the logic: all we want to live in for the next few months is this Apres Swim Coverup (and dry off with this Turkish Towel). Perhaps it's time to clean out that closet?Esther Hahn
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