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Speakeasy Briefs: Will a Flask in the Pants Be a Flash in the Pan?

Image via <a href="https://www.shopstarter.org/p/2113693754/speakeasy-briefs-underwear-with-a-secret/">Speakeasy Briefs</a>/Kickstarter
Image via Speakeasy Briefs/Kickstarter

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San Francisco-based Speakeasy is finally providing an answer to the age-old question, "Is that a flask in your briefs, or are you happy to see me?" It turns out, it really is just a flask: The company is selling boxer briefs with a front-facing zippered-pocket where wearers can store credit cards, a phone, or even a bit of hooch. The design is described as an "innovative combination of fashion and function" that says, "'you should see me in my underwear,' while providing a pocket that says, 'it's none of your business what's in my underwear.'"

San Francisco Chronicle writer Tony Bravo—who refers to the design as "junk in the front"—recently took the briefs out for a spin to test whether the pocket was practical.

Bravo tried storing standard pocket contents (cash, credit cards, keys, lip balm and a flask) in his Speakeasys. While the pocket was perfect for money and ID, he found that keys can pose problems, Chapstick will melt, and flask contents become unpleasantly warm.

Think you would fare better than Bravo?

If you're ready for your own Speakeasys, founders Jeff Schneider and Dan Goldman are ready to take your money. After raising over $32,000 to launch their big idea through a Kickstarter campaign, the company is accepting pre-orders on its website. You can purchase one pair for $19, three for $47 or seven for $99. Briefs will ship in July, giving college boys plenty of time to perfect the art of packing flasks in the front for football games.
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