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Bay Area Beauty Company Chooses Bunnies Over Benjamins

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Image via Shutterstock by Vitaly Korovin

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China is kind of a big deal in the fashion world. Remember that $8 million luxury train that Louis Vuitton constructed for its Fall 2012 presentation? Do you know where it went after Fashion Week? To China. And then there was that time when Diane von Furstenberg told The Wall Street Journal that we're in the Chinese Century. And the interview in which Victoria Beckham told Forbes that Chinese women are "at the forefront of fashion" and "very chic." You get the idea. China. Awesome. Money.

With a population of more than a billion people —many of whom love to buy luxury goods— most fashion houses can't wait to enter the Chinese marketplace. But some cosmetic companies, like the Bay Area's 100% Pure, are staying out of China due to laws that require animal testing for all cosmetics and beauty products.

A lot beauty products contain chemicals that we can't pronounce. Compounds with x's and z's and numbers on the end. Things with names like Troxizylanthenum-15, (which we just made up, by the way). 100% Pure products, however, are organic and vegan—or vegetarian, if they contain honey—arguably eliminating the need for is-it-or-isn't-safe-for-human-use testing. Unfortunately, that's not enough to circumvent the Chinese animal testing law.

China doesn't currently offer exceptions for cruelty-free companies, which means that cosmetic businesses must choose between profits and principles. 100% Pure opted for the latter, and the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) took note. The animal advocacy group has recognized 100% Pure with its Courage in Commerce award, which is also kind of a big deal. (Previous recipients include Paul Mitchell, Urban Decay and NYX Cosmetics.) For those of you keeping score at home, that's Bunnies - 1. Animal testing law - 0.Robyn Hagan Cain

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