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Tour a Newlywed Stylist's Impossibly Pretty Apartment

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Photos by Aubrie Pick

San Francisco stylists—no one believes they can possibly make a living, yet we meet them often, and they're positively thriving. Hallie Lindburgh illustrates the point with her Parisian-chic personal style and her laid back, artfully-appointed Bay Area home. We visited Lindburgh the week before she got married (in Valentino!) in Mexico, followed by a honeymoon in Istanbul. Read our Q&A with her below to learn more about that George Washington portrait, how she got started in styling, and where she finds all those amazing mirrors.

How long have you been a stylist?
"I've been on my own for almost three years, and before that I was assisting and working with stylists in New York and LA. I've been working on this career since 2008."

How did you get into it?
"I got into it because when I first move to San Francisco I worked at a clothing company where I would hire stylists to come in and style the lines. I chatted with them and realized this is exactly what I wanted to be doing. I didn't think it was possible in San Francisco until I talked to the stylists. In the next two months I quit my job and started assisting.

I studied photography and graphic design in college, so I photographed and did the styling to build a portfolio for myself. Then I started styling for other photographers. Once I had a pretty solid book I started to approach agencies and I got representation in San Francisco three years ago. Then I switched over to a New York agency this year."

Is it essential to have an agent?
"It's not but it's really helpful. I can network as much as I can and get my name and portfolio out through word of mouth, but agents have so many connections that stylists sometimes don't have. They help negotiate deal memos and do a good job of matching an artist with the right client."

How does it work having an agent in New York?
"My agent is based out of New York but she represents artists in San Francisco, LA, and New York. So she has a solid network on the West and East coasts which is great for a stylist because if a New York company is going to shoot on the West Coast, they can connect with me here. It's a great way to work for people from all over the United States.

But yeah it doesn't mean I'm traveling to work in New York. I mainly just work in San Francisco and sometiems I'll go to LA for jobs and every once in a while to Seattle."

Any tips for aspiring Bay Area stylists?
"Reach out to a lot of stylists, photographers and producers to get your name out there. You need to assist and learn what it's like to be on a photoshoot. There are so many things you can't know unless you're actually working on a photoshoot. If they truly want to be doing styling, they should assist and then try to get some of their own clients."

Who are some of your favorite clients you've worked with recenlty?
"I really enjoyed working with Levi's. I worked on a short film with them a few months ago, and I was working with a group of guys who are really creative. Also Apple, and I love working on lookbooks. I was able to work with local designer Margaret O'leary recently. I styled a lot of her lookbooks and she also asked me to art direct and produce two of them. That was really fun because I could have a vision with styling and then execute it by picking a location and the models. Also Nike, and I just did a Gymboree shoot."

Was it difficult working with kids?
"It can be challenging but it's also really fun because the shoots are more laid back. There's lots of laughter and it's more of like a play day. It's tough for the stylists because your running around trying to make the kids' clothes look perfect, but it's really fun working with little kids because they have such a carefree, happy attitude."

How do you describe your own personal style?
"I would say my style is laid back and a bit undone but with a sophisticated, vintage feel. I follow trends but also bring in my own elements to outfits to make them more unique. I dress for my mood, so I often wear more casual pieces for day, then at night get a little more sexy. I'm also inspired by French Parisian chic."

What are your favorite shopping spots for clothes in the Bay Area?
"I really enjoy thrift shopping mixed with new. Barneys is a favorite even though it's a chain, and I really like Curve on Fillmore, Painted Bird in the Mission and Thrift Town. And if I'm going to shop for my husband, I really like the Gant Rugger store in Hayes Valley."

How do you approach decorating your home? It's so airy and open and lovely.
"I definitely like to keep my home minimal, but I also want it to feel lived-in and filled with things that we love. So I have art and paintings and favorite things around but I make sure it's not too cluttered. We have a ton of great windows and walls, which are all painted white, so I think that adds an element of clean and openness too."

You have a great eye for vintage pieces.
"Thanks! With decorating it's been an interesting thing—we moved in and slowly over time started to get new pieces. But I like to do a lot of flea market shopping. I found a lot of great vintage mirrors at the Alameda Flea Market. Also our coffee table is vintage, but we purchased a new couch. So it's a mix of vintage and new, which gives it a unique feel."

Where besides Alameda Flea to you hunt for vintage home stuff?
"I like shopping in Sonoma as well as in the Mission. I just came across a new place call Carousel at Mission and 20th. It's not too pricey. The Marina is great too."

Tell us about your George Washington portrait.
"Ryan (the husband) and I sometimes on Sundays go check out estate sales or antique stores and there was this antique store in Bayshore that's now closed, but we came across George and just thought it was amazing. We had just moved in and though it would be nice for the dining room."

Any other favorite pieces in your home?
"I love our bedside tables—they're two huge chairs and are really a favorite of mine. Also the old French painted mirror I found at the flea market. And our breakfast nook. We just lucked out with that.

OK, time for the lightning round! Tumblr, Pinterest, or Instagram?

Beach or mountains?

Cats or dogs?

Kanye or Jay Z?
"Jay Z"

'60s, '70s, '80s, or '90s?

Thank you!